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Please note that the Family Camp operations operate out of the Family Campground Community Center. Hours can be found by clicking here.


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Please contact the ODR staff for additional information. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



RV Storage LotODR rentalboards

Long-term recreational vehicle storage agreement renewals for the period of 1 April thru 30 September 2024 are due on 1 April 2024.


Please find the current rental agreement and policies in the files section below.

Fees for this agreement period:

  • $75.00 per month for Items 24’ and below.
  • $110.00 per month for items 25’ and above.

Full payment is due upon renewal.

Payments received after 15 Apr will incur a late fee of $15 per day until paid and retroactive to the 1 Apr due date.

Per the correspondence provided for the 1 Apr 23 and 1 Oct 23 renewals, 12 month agreements are now discontinued.

 All Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) fees are subject to adjustment in response to operating and capital improvement cost increases in order to ensure the sustainment of the entire portfolio of your MWR services and programs at this installation.

Local-area market research is consistently performed a minimum of once per year with the goal to keep fees at or preferably below market.


The following items are required to be on file at outdoor recreation in order to renew the agreement:

  • NEW – DoD ID card number.
  • NEW – Current DoD or military status.
  • A signed storage agreement with current and accurate information for the renter and stored item.
  • A current and accurate copy of the registration and insurance for the stored item.
    • It is the responsibility of the renter to provide copies of updated documents throughout agreement period.
    • Agreements will not be renewed when the registration and/or insurance will expire within 30 days. The renter shall have 14 days to renew these items.
  • A picture of the side, front and rear of the rented item with the license plate information clearly visible and legible.
  • A notarized form or power of attorney for an item not registered or insured by the renter. The registrant of record must be a valid/current military or DoD ID cardholder and shall provide their ID card number and status.  

Renewals and subsequent document updates can be submitted via email to outdoorrecreationpafb@gmail.com or in person during the operating hours of Wed-Sat, 10 am to 5 pm.

First-time renters are required to complete their agreement in person at ODR.

Renters are reminded to be in compliance with the following requirements at all times during the agreement period:

  • Item maintained in a presentable and roadworthy condition with current registration clearly visible and legible.
  • Loose items kept secured within the demarcated boundary of the rented lot.
  • All wheels chocked.
  • No substitution of other items without an agreement renewal on file at ODR.
  • No onsite maintenance or camping.

Boat Operator Classes and Check Ridespic

Classes and Boat check rides are in high demand and we highly encourage customers to call ODR at 321-494-2042/2054 for the schedule of dates, times and availability.

Classes: Mon & Sat, 8:30 -11:30 am. Registration is required.

Check Rides are scheduled at the request of customer and availability of resources. ODR will ensure that the prerequisites (free online Florida Boaters Safety Course and completion of the ODR operator class) are completed by the customer prior to check rides being scheduled.

Boat Operator Classes and Check Rides may be rescheduled due to weather conditions, threshold for minimum number of participants per class is not met and/or unforeseen changes to instructor and/or boat availability.


Every effort will be made to place registrants into another class/ride as soon as possible.

Fees: Class, $25 pp. Check ride, $10 pp.

Active duty & family members have priority.

All others on a first-come-first-served space available basis.


Boat Rentals

On site rentals only, Wed - Sat, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Participants must be at ODR no later than 10 am to complete paperwork and pre-launch boat inspection.

scuba gear

Maximum capacity, pontoon boat 10 people and deck boat 8 people, includes operator.

To rent, must be at least 21 years of age or 18 if on active duty; have completed the

 free online Florida Boaters Safety Course and the ODR operator class.

A check ride may be substituted for the class when the online course is completed and there is a boat rental history with PSFB ODR.

Rentals are highly subject to weather conditions.

See below for more information on our Family Campground, RV Storage and Recreational Lodging

Below are the forms required by ODR for the various services offered. Forms are fillable PDFs that can be completed on your PC and emailed or printed, filled out and brought in.  

We highly encourage completion of forms ahead of meeting with our ODR customer service staff.



Current and future fees are subject to change.

The deposit made at the time of renting equipment, storage and facility items reflects the fee in effect at that time.

Receipts are not binding and are not a guarantee of fees at the time of receiving the items reserved.

At the time of a fee adjustment: 

Email notification will be sent to customers and adjusted payment is due upon picking up the equipment items reserved.

Payments made in full at the time of reservation are not subject to fee adjustments.


The following facilities are available for rent:

  • Tables Beach pavilion
  • Beach House upper north deck and interior recreation hall
  • Chevron Park pavilions
  • Dock pavilion

Reservation times are subject to restrictions based on the annual turtle nesting season and available lighting at each facility.


Riverfront & beach fishing is permitted. Fishing licenses are required; FWC regularly patrols the base for valid license holders. Florida fishing regulations myfwc.com for exemption/license details.

complimentary equipment rental

ODR has complimentary 24-hour lawn equipment available for Active Duty and Active Duty Reservists who reside on PSFB. Must show ID.

R4R group



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