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Notice: Fee Increases Effective Feb 1, 2023

RV Storage LotODR rentalboards

Upcoming RV Storage Lot Renewal - 2022/23

6 months: Apr 1, 2023 - Sep 30, 2023

12 months: Apr 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024

IMPORTANT: RV Storage Lot Information Notice

Contact Outdoor Recreation: outdoorrecreationpafb@gmail.com or call 321-494-2042/2054.

Renewals due on Apr 1 and received after close of business (4:30 pm) on Sat, Apr 15 will incur a late fee of $5.00 per day until paid, retroactive to the Apr 1 due date.

Boat Operator Classes and Check Ridespic

Classes and Boat check rides are in high demand and we highly encourage customers to call ODR at 321-494-2042/2054 for the schedule of dates, times and availability.

Classes: Mon & Sat, 9:30 -11:30 am. Check rides: Mon & Sat, 8 - 9 am.

Both may be rescheduled due to weather conditions and unforeseen changes to instructor and/or boat availability.

Every effort will be made to place registrants into another class/ride as soon as possible.

Fees: Class $25 pp. Check ride: $10 pp.

Active duty & family members have priority.

All others on a first-come-first-served space available basis.


Boat Rentalspic

On site rentals only, Wed - Sat, 10 am to 2 pm.

Maximum capacity, pontoon boat 10 people and deck boat 8 people, includes operator.

To rent, must be at least 21 years of age or 18 if on active duty; have completed the free online Florida Boaters Safety Course and the ODR operator class.

A check ride may be substituted for the class when the online course is completed and there is a boat rental history with PSFB ODR.

Rentals are highly subject to weather conditions.

Active duty & family members have priority.

All others on a first-come-first-served space available basis.

See below for more information on our Family Campground, RV Storage and Recreational Lodging



The following facilities are available for rent:

  • Tables Beach pavilion
  • Beach House upper north deck
  • Chevron Park pavilions
  • Dock pavilion

Reservations are not permitted past sunset during turtle nesting season.


Riverfront & beach fishing is permitted. Fishing licenses are required; FWC regularly patrols the base for valid license holders. Florida fishing regulations myfwc.com for exemption/license details.

complimentary equipment rental

ODR has complimentary 24-hour lawn equipment available for Active Duty and Active Duty Reservists who reside on PSFB. Must show ID.

R4R group



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