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   What’s New in UNITE?

Get outdoors! Have fun at a water/ theme park,

zoo or sporting event, available at our ITT office.

DJs are now authorized to provide entertainment

at your squadron event.

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WHAT IS UNITE? Revitalizing Squadrons "...The Beating Heart of the Air Force"

The UNITE initiative provides Squadron/Unit commanders with funding to facilitate unit cohesion and initiate programs that benefit their members.  Eligibility – This program will benefit all Airmen in a unit — Active AF, Reserve and Civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated employees) directly assigned to the squadron. Spouses and dependents are now eligible to participate in a squadron UNITE event, with the Commander’s approval. Contractors are highly encouraged to participate, however are non-reimbursable.   

How We Can Support

Your Community Programs and Unit Cohesion Coordinator (C3) will assist you with the planning, development and coordination of UNITE programs and events whether on or off the installation.  You have the flexibility of creating your own unit-developed event or select from a wide variety of ready-to-execute programs. Per approved event, Activity Funds (up to $13.50 per person) may be used to offset Airmen participation costs for a unit cohesive/recreational activity.  Food Funds (up to $5 per person) may be used for the purchase of food in conjunction with an approved UNITE event.


UNITE kayak

What We Cannot Support


Types of Events

  • Squadron training/meetings
  • Change of Commands
  • Promotion/retirements
  • December holiday parties
  • End of year events balls, banquets, combat dining in/out
  • Events cannot be separated based by rank, paygrade, gender, religion...
  • Eating Events w/Ice Breakers (Example: Burger Burn and Two Truths & a Lie)

Parks such as Andretti Thrill Park, Dave & Busters, Top Golf, Whirly Dome and sporting events are authorized.


  • Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks (PPE)
  • Volunteer event supplies (gloves, tools, paint)
  • Prizes, gift cards, giveaways, or promotional items
  • Decorations: No more than 10% of the event's total cost


  • Portable toilets, trash services, cleaning fees, cleaning supplies or cleaning companies, lodging, or transportation, movie screens, damages, late fees, insurance, or entertainment.


  • UNITE Funds are not authorized to purchase equipment, funds are authorized to rent recreational equipment in support of a unit cohesive event. Exception: Ceramic kits, mystery room kits, paint by numbers kit…Kits are an expendable item, therefore not considered as equipment.

Gambling or gambling products



What You Get with UNITE Programs

  • Develop new skills or competency
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Increase esprit de corps, comradery or morale
  • Promote interaction between unit members
  • Provide an opportunity for fun or relaxation
  • Reinforce peer, squadron or AF corps values
  • Squadrons will build unit cohesion
  • Work on a team-building exercise

UNITE Beach How to Host an Event in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Contact your Squadron UNITE POC(s) to submit an Event Request form.  To find out who your squadron POCs are, contact the installation’s C-3. To view our Ready-to-execute UNITE programs, click the UNITE Program Brochure or Virtual UNITE Program at the top of the page.
  • Upon final approval, C-3 will pay for event expenses, (allow up to7 days for approval process).
  • Execute event…Take pics, HAVE Fun!
  • Complete the UNITE After Action form and send form with event pics to your Squadron UNITE POC, no more than 48 hours after your event date.

Event Request Form

    After Action Form

    • Check out our UNITE Grab-N-Go Menu. Pick-ups are available at select FSS food facilities - easy and convenient!




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