June 30 at 10:06pm

Get ready! On Saturday July 11th FSS will hold the first ever Team Patrick-Cape 5K Color Run! This fun and colorful dash will start at 0730. Call 494-4534 to register today!

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June 30 at 10:04pm

Tiki Trivia at the Marina is back! The first 6-week competition begins 1 July at 5pm. Nightly prizes for winning team and overall winner! Call 494-7455 for details.


June 30 at 10:00pm

The July Bistro Coffee Special is the Red, White and Blue Frappuccino - only $2.50! Head to the Alley to get one just in time for the 4th of July.


June 30 at 4:26pm

Dear Riverside Dining Facility Customers, Due to an outbreak of Avian Bird Flu, all sectors of the commercial food service industry will be dealing with a significant reduction in available egg products for the foreseeable future. There is no risk of the bird flu affecting the public and it is mostly centered around the egg laying hens. The industry is predicting shortages and financial impact over the next 14 – 18 months due to the limited supply availability. Of course, military food service operations are not immune to the egg shortage and we must make some menu changes to ride out the storm. AFSVA/SVOF is working with our business partners, DLA Troop Support and Aramark, to identify and secure alternative products that will insure we have a safe and constant supply to meet our FTI operational needs. Additionally, we are making some changes to our current recipes using egg products. The following is a listing of steps that we will take to mitigate the impact of the egg shortage that will take effect Jul 1, 2015 until further notice: • Customers will be limited to only one (1) egg entrée per meal (i.e. 2 fried eggs, one omelet, one portion of scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwich, etc.) • French toast will be limited to twice weekly (Tuesdays & Thursdays) • Hot breakfast specials that contain eggs will be discontinued • Hot hard boiled eggs will be discontinued, and we will only offer cold hard boiled eggs in the Express Zone and Salad Bar • The use of eggs for all pre-made chef salads in the Express Zone will be eliminated • The use of eggs on the salad bar will be limited to twice weekly Air Force Services Agency/SVOF will continue to monitor this situation and provide the field with updates on product availability, shortages, recipe, menu changes and price adjustments. More information will be announced once it becomes available.

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June 26 at 10:05am

FSS has your 4th of July Weekend Fun!!! From Golf to Outdoor Rec and the Beach House and Alley we've got fun covered!

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June 25 at 3:12pm

Due to the current weather forecast Family Night at the Beach House has been cancelled tonight. We will get the new date and time out shortly.

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June 20 at 8:26am

Start making your plans now to come join FSS for the 2015 Shark Fest! Food and Fun for everyone! 2 July 1-6 pm at the Beach House

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June 20 at 8:25am

Get ready for FSS Shark Week! Events start on 29 June. Units compete for the best Large Unit and Small Unit. Who will take home the coveted surfboard?

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June 18 at 7:52am

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June 16 at 2:52pm

Come get your tickets at ITT and experience Blue Man Group.

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